What can I expect from this class?

Be ready to learn a lot in a comfortable and fun environment! And don’t worry; everyone else is just as nervous as you are. I pack a lot of information into my one-day class, but I present it in a way that’s easy to understand, and leave plenty of time for questions. 

Who should I bring as my partner?

Your childbirth class registration includes enrollment for you and a partner. I highly encourage you to bring someone with you, as some of the activities involve working with a partner. This person could be your spouse, significant other, your doula, your mom, another family member, or a supportive friend. It should be whomever you have chosen to be your labor support person (i.e. the person who will be supporting you through the labor and delivery process).

Is this the only class I need to take?

My one-day class is a solid overview of labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. 1 ticket per couple. However, I do recommend combining it with a safe babies class and a more detailed breastfeeding class. You can find links to these classes on the Resources page

What is Lamaze?

Lamaze is a nonprofit organization that promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. Lamaze education and practices are based on the best, most current medical evidence available. They can help reduce the use of unnecessary interventions and improve overall outcomes for mothers and babies. Working closely with their families, health care providers and Lamaze educators, millions of pregnant women have achieved their desired childbirth outcomes using Lamaze practices.

Learn more at the Lamaze International website.

What is your philosophy on natural childbirth? Is this class for people who plan to get an epidural, or plan not to? Are you going to try to change my mind?

My goal in teaching these classes is to give you evidence-based information so that you can make the choices that are right for you. Many people are hesitant to speak frankly with their care providers, so they end up making choices out of fear or based on incorrect information. I want to bridge the gap for people who are nervous about birth or scared of the hospital. I want to arm you with enough basic information to decide for yourself what kind of birth you want to have. And I want to prepare you for things that may happen outside of your plan.

I also teach from the perspective of being a mother myself. My first birth was drug-free and attended by a midwife; my second birth was attended by a physician and involved an epidural. I bring both of these positive experiences to the table when I teach. 

What makes you qualified to teach this class?

I’m a certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) with a master’s degree in nursing from Vanderbilt University, and have worked as a nurse practitioner for several private practices and hospitals in Tennessee, Colorado, and Asheville. I’ve also worked on both the labor/delivery and mother/baby units at Mission Hospital. I interned  at a free standing birthing center in Texas, worked as a volunteer nurse in Honduras, and am a nationally certified professional midwife. I’ve been teaching this class for seven years as a Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator.

Learn more about my background.

Are you and this class associated with Mission, Laurel, Asheville Women’s, or Biltmore OB/GYN?

No, my classes are offered via my own independent, locally-owned business, Asheville Childbirth Education.

What is your payment and refund policy?

In order to reserve your spot in the class, payment is due in full at time of registration. Classes are 100% refundable if your baby is born prior to your class date. Otherwise, classes are nonrefundable. Please please plan ahead and register for a class between 24 and 36 weeks gestation. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, you get $5 off the registration fee if you have a valid Go Local card . Please contact me for the discount code before you register.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Not at this time.